artwork by Kagan Marks

artwork by Kagan Marks

Disorder Press is a sibling-owned literary press based out of New Orleans and somewhere else in America.

The siblings, Mikaela Grantham and Joseph Grantham, us, believe in bindings without boundaries.

We publish work that is often difficult to categorize, work that is sometimes a struggle to put into words. That struggle means something is happening. The book is its own beast.

We aim to publish books that defy the trappings of most dinner party conversations. We don't get invited to those kinds of parties, anyway. 

Other things we like: books that breathe life into the reader; books that give us hope, tear it away, and then give it back, reshaped and reformed; books that make us feel heartsick and also have us laughing our asses off. 

We publish fiction, poetry, essays, and, honestly, whatever we believe needs to be out there in the world in the form of a beautiful book.