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The Beach Boys sang, “Off the Florida Keys there’s a place called Kokomo. That’s where you wanna go to get away from it all.”  

But KOKOMO is also the name of Laura Theobald’s newest collection of poems. It’s a book where we wanna go to get away from it all. 

Theobald’s poems unabashedly invite us to escape with her to the private island of her mind. On these invisible beaches, loneliness and desperation reign, and comfort is found in the companionship of a cat or in holding your favorite stuffed animal, in baking cakes and stuffing butterflies into jars. These poems don’t shy away from bodily functions or how difficult it is to be a poet if you don’t leave your house. This book is for anyone who has ever drowned in their own heartbreak and enjoyed it. This book is for anyone. This book is for no one. This book is for you.

Come on, let’s go to Kokomo.

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Laura Theobald

grew up in the Florida Keys and lives in the South. Her first book of poetry is What My Hair Says About You. She has an MFA in poetry from LSU and makes books for OOMPH! and BOAAT. Her website is lauratheobald.tumblr.com @lidleida