Memory Foam

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Memory Foam


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A collection of poems by Adam Soldofsky

Line by line, Soldofsky questions what the hell it is we are doing on this planet. These poems have us reveling in the confusion that comes with human existence. These poems are fucking good.


Praise for Memory Foam

Recipient of the 2017 American Book Award


"Such a quiet, personal, deep, philosophical, unflinching, peaceful voice."

- U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera

"These poems are a mood, a way of seeing, an abandoned house full of creaks and signs of life. They are both archive and confession, naked and shameless in their truth. I’m enamored with Soldofsky’s voice—it’s meditative and prying, both anxious and accepting. This book is a memory of the present, instantaneous nostalgia. “Behold,” the beginning of the book instructs, both to the reader and the self, and that is the work of these poems: to be aware. Of discontent, of anticipation, of regret, of the distance between human beings, of limitations. I clench my chest at these poems (“Do you feel cobbled together?”). I scream Ain’t that the truth?! (“Every person, of course, is inconceivable”). I want to wrap myself in their perception—not laughing exactly, not weeping, just acknowledging, bearing witness, knowing."

- Morgan Parker, Author of There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyoncé

"The voice in Memory Foam is amazingly confident, and swings easily between the personal and the vast. Soldofsky has channeled all the power and grace of Chuang Tzu and Li Po into a distinctly urban modernity. If, like me, you live half your life inside books, you will feel right at home in these poems. I do."

- Matthew Rohrer, Author of The Others


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Adam Soldofsky's work has appeared in various journals including Paperbag, BodegaGigantic Sequins, Prelude and on the Tin House Blog. ‘I Have a Terrible Feeling,’ his weekly series of drawings, cartoons, and sketches, appears each Sunday at