Sister Suite

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Sister Suite


"This book made me feel horrible. I loved it."

Juliet Escoria, author of BLACK CLOUD

"Sister Suite is a goodass book."

- Troy James Weaver, author of MARIGOLD

"Sister Suite is a haunted obituary, a collage made from a crime scene photograph, a series of love poems whispered to a hungry ghost. Where most writers hope to leave a bit of their heart on the page, Christine Stroud keeps going; she leaves her veins, her hair, and her baby teeth." 

- Kevin Maloney, author of CULT OF LORETTA

"An unusually riveting/page-turning poetry/fiction hybrid you can read on the subway or while waiting in your dentist’s office instead of staring at your phone for half an hour. Sister Suite reminded me of Christa Parravani’s Her: a Memoir in that they’re both about the strange, intimate-to-the-point-of-claustrophobic relationship between a pair of twin sisters and the even stranger separation of said twin sisters by death. I like strange."

- Elizabeth Ellen, author of PERSON/A: a novel

"Christine Stroud builds a world that is so beautiful it is grotesque, a world I never want to leave. Each memory in this book shimmers its way into the cords of my brain and seethes at the pages, burning bright and quick. Sister Suite is a fragmentary family portrait of loss that cuts to the bone. "

Elle Nash, author of ANIMALS EAT EACH OTHER

"Blurring the line between prose poem sequence and the tiniest of postmodern novels, Christine Stroud's Sister Suite captures the emotional and narrative fragmentation emanated by grief.  Each one of these lyric shards cuts, draws blood, has you suck in your breath.

Gerry LaFemina, author of LITTLE HERETIC

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